Everybody Run!

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Donnie Azoff

One of my favorite scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, featuring Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff (loosely based on the real-life Danny Parush)

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This One’s On The House

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A Tribute to Our Little Old Man

Today was an extremely tough day for me, because I finally had to say goodbye to one of the furry members of our family.

Several years ago, when Catie and I first heard about the CFPR and volunteered to provide a foster home for Gilbert, we had no idea what we were really getting into. Gilbert was a dog that was very needy, both physically and emotionally. He was already around 10 or 11 years old when he came to us, but he was anything but a lazy old dog. Gilbert had the heart of a puppy, in both the way he played with us and how he chased our cat Gabby around the house, on the rare occasions that she ventured outside of the bedrooms and into his territory. But Gilbert also showed hints of a tough life, as his anxiety seemed to go into overdrive the minute we even […]

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My Hopes and Dreams for 2014

I know people who like to make new year’s resolutions about this time of year, and I know others who, however, absolutely hate even the thought of them and see resolutions as nothing more than a waste of time and effort. And while I don’t necessarily want to make a hard list of ‘resolutions’ that I will stress over, I do have things that I am looking forward to doing this next year, or things that I really just need to finally prioritize in my life.

On the whole, I’m pretty damn happy with my life. There’s not much for me to complain about, and I have a wonderful family and great friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I also have most everything material I could want for, so there’s no real complaint from me in that department either. But there are certain specific things I think about every day […]

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Consoles, PCs, and the Coming Entertainment Revolution

No term in gaming circles irks me more than ‘next-gen.’

Next-gen implies that the preceding generation of gaming consoles, which references the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 exclusively, was the measuring stick by which all other gaming platforms at the time were measured. The next generation term thus refers to the supposed new standard set by the follow-up Xbox One and PS4 consoles, which, hardware-wise, are nearly identical under the hood but for a few specific details. Niche platforms like the PC and Wii U are left out of the equation, despite the raw power (in the case of the PC) and innovation (Wii U) that these marginalized platforms bring to the table, while the indistinguishable mediocrity of the Microsoft and Sony consoles is met with universal acclaim. But the homogeneous nature of these latest consoles is not the only problem, as software publishers, too, have consolidated development houses and properties underneath […]

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What an extraterrestrial visit would really mean for humanity.

Let me start off by jumping the gun to say that when the alien invasion comes, these guys (above) will not be saving the world by flying into the alien mothership with a captured alien fighter, infecting their supercomputer with a virus, then blowing it up with a nuclear warhead.

In reality, I think an alien invasion would look a lot more like Falling Skies than ID4 or Battle Los Angeles. But, unfortunately, I also think popular films and other media have totally skewed our expectations of what an alien invasion will involve when it eventually comes. And yes, I do believe that time will eventually come…
We come in (not) peace
One thing I think that the show Falling Skies gets right (for all its errors, continuity issues, etc), is that when the aliens come, it won’t be in the form of Vulcans wanting to make contact with us with the intention of […]

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The art of creating the ultimate lawn mowing music playlist

If you’re anything like me, mowing the lawn is more than just another mundane task on an ever long honey-do list; It’s a battle. Checking the mower’s oil, filling the gas tank, and getting the yard gloves out are my mission prep. And the actual mowing is my combat, where I’m constantly dealing with enemy forces such as uneven surfaces, lack of yard tools, and a plethora of dog poop landmines. (thank heavens they aren’t like IEDs…) And to get me through this 35-45 minutes of unreal yard combat underneath the hot Florida sun, I need one hell of a playlist belting out just the right tunes fromn the iPhone strapped to my arm if I want to make it through with my sanity intact.

Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But who wouldn’t rather listen to music than hear the loud drone of the mower while they toil in the yard under a […]

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Bartender! Another round, if you please?

Well, it finally happened: I got off my ass and relaunched my poor, neglected, personal website and blog. I’m at a point in my life though where I felt like this was a good and necessary thing to do.

When my (active) blog last saw me, I was married, but with no kids. Had some college under my belt, but wasn’t actively going on a regular basis. Wanted to get back to making art again and improving my skills, but unmotivated to actually do anything. But now I’m a father of two, working full-time, attending school nearly full-time, and actively trying to get my skills as an artist up to par through regular practice.

The problem though is that no one can possibly do all this and be truly successful at all of it, and I completely realize this. So what I hope to do in the coming months and years is to […]

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